Served with your choice of  steak fries, fried okra, or chips Add a Dinner Salad $1.99 or Salad Bar $2.99

FP Club

Ham, turkey, bacon, cheddar cheese, mayo & sweet onion relish served on artisan wheat bread $8.99

Ribeye Steak Sandwich

8oz hand cut ribeye topped with caramelized onions on a kaiser roll. $11.99

Steak & Cheese

Sliced steak, caramelized onions & melted cheese on hoagie bun $9.99

BBQ Brisket Sandwich

Fresh smoked brisket covered with FP original BBQ sauce and served on a toasted kaiser bun $8.99


Brown-sugar pepper bacon, green leaf lettuce, fresh tomato & sweet onion relish served on wheat berry bread $7.99


House-made corned beef with sauerkraut, Swiss cheese & Thousand Island dressing on Rye bread $8.99

BBQ Bologna Sandwich

Fresh smoked bologna wedge served on a toasted bun $6.99

6th Street Chicken Sandwich

Grilled chicken topped with sweet-pepper bacon & pepper jack cheese $9.99

Grilled Chicken Sandwich

Fresh grilled chicken topped with lettuce, tomato, onion and pickle $8.99



Served with choice of potato. Add a Dinner Salad $1.99 or Salad Bar $2.99

Ground Sirloin

Fresh ground steak served juicy hot with grilled onions & peppers $8.99

Cowboy Ribeye

8oz seasoned ribeye grilled on a traditional Vulcan grill portion $11.99

Center Cut Sirloin

6oz juicy, center-cut steak $8.99

Chicken Fried Steak

Hand breaded, deep fried, and served with mashed potatoes $8.99

Chicken Fried Chicken

Fresh chicken breast hand-breaded & deep fried $8.99

Grilled Chicken Breast

Perfectly marinated , seasoned, and grilled chicken breast. $9.99

Fried Chicken

3 pieces of chicken, hand-breaded & deep fried to order. $9.99

Chicken Strips

Boneless strips of hand breaded and deep fried chicken breast. $8.99

Fried Shrimp

5 hand breaded shrimp deep fried to perfection $9.99

Brisket Loaded Potato

Baked potato with smoked brisket & our house made BBQ Sauce $8.99

Brisket Loaded Fries

Cheese fries topped with BBQ brisket $8.99


Our ground beef is from freshly cut steak trimmings and served with steak fries. Add a Dinner Salad $1.99 or Salad Bar $2.99.

Just a Burger

The original steak burger. $8.99

The Pulverizer

Fried onion strings, sweet pepper bacon & pepper jack cheese $9.99


Topped with sauteed mushrooms & Swiss cheese $9.99

Bacon Cheeseburger

Sweet pepper bacon & cheddar cheese $9.99

Black & Bleu

Blackened burger with bleu cheese crumbles $9.99

Brooklyn Bomber

Topped with cream cheese & sliced jalapeño peppers $9.99

Poke’s Burger

Pepper jack cheese, sliced jalapeño peppers & smoked pepper relish $9.99


See server for additional details

MONDAY: Ribeye Steak Sandwich
TUESDAY: Chicken Fried Steak
WEDNESDAY: Steak & Cheese Sandwich
THURSDAY: Ground Sirloin
FRIDAY: Fried Chicken